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August 2021: Thanks to Meri Holm for the invitation to present at the Great Lakes Research Pollinator Task Force meeting! Great discussions and incredible folks.

April 2021: I had a great time presenting on wild bee ecology & common pitfalls in “bee-ginner” sampling for the FORCES intern program through NYS Parks DEC !

May 2020: As a follow-up to my interview on PolliNation with Andony Melathopolous at the Oregon State Extension Service, Andony and Linc Best invited me as a remote speaker as part of the Oregon Bee Atlas’ weekly speaker series! I stayed up late to give a west coast talk, and I’m glad that I did–144 people tuned in. whew!

The link to the youtube video is here, and the link to the Wild World of Bees full speaker series is here.

May 2020: I had fun chatting with Ryan Trapani & John MacNaught at Catskill Forest Radio. I’m sorry that the in-person event at the Catskill Forest Festival’s Tent of Knowledge was canceled, but hope to join you all in 2021.

January 2020: My article “Wild Bees Amidst the Trees” on bee biology and forest management for wild bee conservation in the New York Forest Owner’s Journal.

October 2019: I was featured on the PolliNation Podcast! It was great fun to listen back to my conversation with Andony Melathopolous, which we had in person during the Pollinators Conference hosted earlier this summer at UC Davis. http://blogs.oregonstate.edu/pollinationpodcast/2019/10/06/113-kass-urban-mead-bees-in-trees/

May 2019: I visited with Autumn Stoscheck & Ezra Sherman at their cidery, one of my research sites in Van Etten, NY. https://www.evescidery.com/pollination/

March 2019:A highlight of my year was being invited to present at the Forest Landowner’s Conference run by the Center for Private Forests at State College PA. I like to cause a fuss by asking folks to think with me about how managed bees are are livestock—and just as you wouldn’t keep chickens in order to “save the birds,” so too keeping honey bees won’t help you “save the bees!” Then we dive into a discussion of the myriad ways forest habitats are crucial for bee populations. I was particularly invigorated by conversations with policies for forest management for wildlife, where policies already in place for bird conservation dovetail nicely with measures that could support bee populations in forests.

Summer 2019: I was invited back to Yale Myers Forest to teach an expanded module on bee biology & plant-pollinator interactions to Prof. Marlyse DuGuid’s summer field ecology students. I also gave an evening lecture in the Yale Myers Forest Summer Seminar Series! It was a packed house with landowners and foresters from the Quiet Corner in NE Connecticut.

Summer 2019: Field adventures discovering bee nesting aggregations in Marin County, CA.

July 2018: I had a blast running a summer field ecology module at Yale Myers forest on wild bee biology, plant-pollinator interaction networks. The field ecology students were a ton of fun.

Summer 2017: This was a summer packed full of outreach events! Pictured here are an orchard walk at Eve’s Cidery, and a bee biology & plant-pollinator interaction workshop with Groundswell Center for Food & Farming.

Spring 2017: For the second semester of my Extension & Outreach Assistantship, I am creating a narrated powerpoint presentation that will be a module within the Continuing Education program for pesticide applicators, available through Cornell’s Pesticide Management Education Program. The module I am creating focuses on wild bee biology and mitigating risk and exposure to bees.

Fall 2016: This fall, I am working as an assistant researcher for the Master Beekeeper Program to Emma Mullen as part of my Extension & Outreach Assistantship. I am researching and writing modules on honey bee pests & diseases.

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