I am a PhD Candidate at Cornell University interested in wild bee conservation and agroecology. I am co-advised by Prof. Danforth and Prof. McArt.

I approach pollinator health as a lens for understanding right relationship with the land, and strongly value socially just and culturally appropriate ecosystem management.

In my research, I use the tools of community ecology to ask how the diverse wild pollinator communities in apple orchards use the resources of nearby forest habitats over time and space.

I spend a lot of time climbing into tree-top canopies to explore bee behavior sky-high!

Please visit my google scholar page to see my peer-reviewed publications. I publish under my full name, Katherine R. Urban-Mead.

Cornell University where I study and teach, Ithaca where I live, and the orchards and forests where I learn about bees are located on stolen Haudenosaunee land. In Ithaca we are on Cayuga land, one of the five members of the Haudenosaunee confederacy. https://native-land.ca/.