Thanks for visiting! I go by “Kass” (short for Katherine), and my pronouns are she/her/hers.

I’m a PhD Candidate in the Cornell University Entomology Department, where with an incredible team of people in the the Danforth & McArt labs I am so lucky to study beneficial insect conservation in agricultural and forested landscapes, particularly wild bees.

I am most passionate about teaching and outreach and communication. I ultimately hope to teach biology in way that gives students agency and tools to work for sustainable, meaningful land management no matter their ecosystem.

photo credit: Greg Rothman

My dissertation explores the landscape, nutritional, network, and community ecology of wild bees in agro-ecosystems. I climb into temperate tree canopies to research how forest resources are used by orchard-pollinating wild bee species.

The details of the lives of bees open an endlessly complex avenue to explore humans’ relationship with the land.

Here in Tompkins County New York, and at Cornell University, we are on stolen land, land of the Cayuga people of the Haudenosaunee Confederacy.